We live and work in Fimpulu so that our neighbors may know Christ and the transforming power of the gospel.

The mission of Choshen Farm is to impact rural Zambia for Christ through relational encouragement, community development and strengthening of the local church. 

Our work is geared towards breaking the chains of an animistic society through education and adaption of the culture of the cross. We engage in a variety of community-oriented activities as a means of community uplifting, discipleship, and theistic transformation.

Choshen Farm is a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization overseen by both an American and a Zambian Board of Directors. The organization is run by two full-time American staff, Jeremy and Bethany Colvin, as well as a team of local Zambian staff and many part-time volunteers.


Our Core Values

1 | We are gospel motivated

Our motivation for living and working in Fimpulu is that our neighbors know Christ and the transforming power of the gospel. Community development efforts are designed to express God’s common grace and also to create environments for directly speaking truth into people’s lives. Stewards of Choshen Farm live and work within an incarnational ministry framework, intending that in all things Jesus Christ be magnified.

2 | We seek to be culturally relevant

Choshen Farm strives to be culturally relevant, thereby reshaping the image of “white missionary” as imagined and experienced by our neighbors. Through language, dress, food, mannerisms, attitude, and actions, we communicate our authentic desire to understand and engage our community in the most basic ways. We steer away from the identity of “outsider,” steadily gaining “insider” status based on mutual respect and trust.

3 | We are community oriented

Opposite to the typical NGO approach, Choshen Farm works with the community, not for the community. Involving our neighbors in every level of Choshen’s functioning empowers the local population to imagine, design, and manage their own programs in a variety of areas. We desire to see Fimpulu’s population flourish in every area of life, and programs are run in a way that maximizes the creative potential of each individual.


4 | We seek to build something sustainable

Choshen Farm aims to make all facets of its work as sustainable as possible. We provide training for and equip local leadership to take charge, so that work will continue regardless of Choshen Farm’s presence or outside influence. This sustainable development strategy also affords the community a stronger sense of self-determination, independence, and ingenuity. Choshen’s philosophy on sustainable development is particularly evident in our careful stewardship of donor resources, as well as the way we distribute materials within the village.

5 | We are dedicated to building up the local church

Choshen Farm operates on the firm conviction that the most sustainable, uplifting, Christ-centered avenue of development is through the local church. By engaging, discipling, and otherwise investing in local church leadership, we long to see a new generation of Christ-honoring leaders carry the banner, challenging their community to shift their focus from material gain to Christ, and Christ alone.

6 | We are passionate about engaging the lost

While Choshen Farm does not formally employ an evangelistic ministry in the community, Christian truth is communicated in a variety of contexts. Choshen Farm's various projects exist in large part to create strategic environments for gospel communication. From youth to adults, farmers to teachers, fish co-ops to preschools, we aim to speak into the lives of people in a way that addresses their deepest, heart-felt needs.