We tackle economic development at a household level.

Living and working in a rural, third-world region, the task of economic development is both complex and pressing. At Choshen Farm, we tackle economic development at a household level by looking at three things: job creation, micro-finance, and local banking.

Employment at Choshen Farm

Choshen Farm is the largest Employer in South Mansa, not only through our list of salaried employees, but also through our acceptance of day laborers (known as piece workers). Piece workers may work for just a day or a few weeks, and are usually saving funds for something specific, such as transportation to a funeral or a school uniform for their child.

Our provision of jobs gives dignity to those who don’t need a handout, but rather seek an opportunity for self-sufficiency.



We’ve also had many opportunities to assist budding entrepreneurs who have sought out micro finance loans. In the past, we’ve given loans to men and women for agricultural production, used clothes sales, and even a fish buying and selling business! We reserve these loans for individuals who are business savvy and also have a vision for their financial future.

Fimpulu Community Savings Bank

Because good financial sense hinges on the ability to save, we have opened up a Community Savings Bank – a safe and secure location, staffed by honest and trustworthy individuals, to keep records and handle cash-on-hand. We audit the savings bank heavily and continue to recruit new members to teach the importance of saving up money for emergencies and future plans.  

Invest in the economic future of Fimpulu.