Meet the Family

Choshen Farm is lead by Jeremy and Bethany Colvin, where they serve as the chief strategists and visionary leaders of the operation. Jeremy and Bethany are the only non-Zambian’s in the picture, though they blend in more and more as the years go by. In order to accomplish a large quantity of work in a sustainable, culturally relevant, and indigenous manner, Choshen Farm relies largely on the inclusion of local staff and leadership.

Jeremy Colvin

Jeremy Colvin first moved to Africa in 2004 to work at an orphanage in South Africa. He served with a variety of ministries around Kwa Zulu Natal, employing his God-given talents of construction, accounting, mechanics, and youth ministry.

In 2005, Jeremy joined a short-term mission team to help construct a church building in Mansa, Zambia. After returning from that trip, the Lord began putting Zambia on Jeremy’s heart. As he prayed, he felt the Lord leading him to move there! Soon after, a Bishop in Mansa contacted Jeremy and invited him to start a ministry in a place called Fimpulu. So, he pitched a small tent in the bush and began his work.

Jeremy spent his first several months in Zambia praying, meeting people, and surviving on very little. During that time, he was befriended by a kind Peace Corps volunteer (Bethany) who fed him, prayed with him, and would eventually become his life-long partner through marriage.

Though Jeremy has come a long way from his early days in a tent, he is still a gifted accountant, builder, and minister whose leadership has grown Choshen Farm to what it is today; and as it was in the beginning, he is still following God’s lead, wherever that may be.


Bethany Colvin

Bethany felt a call to move overseas during her senior year of college. Wanting to explore her gifts and talents, while also reaching out to non-believers, Bethany chose to join the United States' Peace Corps and was sent to Zambia in January 2007.

After completing language instruction and technical training to work as a health education volunteer, Bethany was placed in Fimpulu and began the process of integration and program development. A few weeks later, she met the unexpected American living in a tent in the bush and warily welcomed him as a friend.

At the end of two years, Bethany accepted his invitation of marriage and together the two launched into growing a ministry and a family together. Today, she continues her health focus by leading the Home Based Care program, in addition to running a preschool, and working as the resident Bemba “expert.”

She also now splits her time between community work and raising two little poppies.

Bronwyn & Leonie

The Colvin clutch over time has added two chickadees, Bronwyn and Leonie, who came on the scene in 2012 and 2015 respectively. These girls and their fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes attract a fair amount of attention, to which they are largely oblivious.

Though the girls’ presence has enhanced Choshen's ministry in myriad ways, their full-time vocation is still full-time play. Most days, they can be found running through the village with their friends, getting dirty, climbing trees, and finding all sorts of ways to keep their parents humble.

Local Staff

We are blessed to labor alongside a team of dedicated and passionate folks who invest their time and talents back into the community they love. At Choshen Farm, we employ a ministry manager, a driver/accountant, a farm manager, six farm workers, six preschool teachers, two youth workers, a security team, and a host of day laborers.

Our Zambian Board

Our local Zambian board exists to provide oversight, program assessment, community mobilization, and advocacy. Organizationally, Choshen relies heavily on this local board to ensure that its programs and direct efforts are meeting needs in the most effective ways possible.

Our American Board

The Choshen Farm America board exists to provide financial accountability, encourage Jeremy and Bethany, and ensure missional alignment. The American board is also responsible for approving the annual budget and caring for the financial logistics of maintaining Jeremy and Bethany in the field. The members of this board have been a part of Jeremy and Bethany’s lives for many years and have a strong desire to see the ministry of Choshen Farm flourish.