HIV/AIDS, water contamination, and lack of adequate nutrition run rampant in sub-Saharan Africa.

Having good health is foundational to a human being's ability to thrive and enjoy a full and productive life. This is why we prioritize community health in Fimpulu, running a program for HIV/AIDS prevention and connecting clean water access to health, food security, and nutrition.

HIV/AIDS Prevention: Home Based Care (HBC)

The fight against HIV/AIDS is in full force in Fimpulu. However, thanks to the work of Choshen Farm and a group of dedicated volunteers, we are making great strides! 

Choshen Farm has worked in conjunction with the Fimpulu Rural Health Center since 2009 to lead outreach, data collection, and logistics for Fimpulu Home Based Care (HBC). In the years since, the HBC group has grown to 25 caregivers who serve more than 150 clients, all of whom are HIV-positive or suffering from an opportunistic infection such as tuberculosis (TB).

How does it work?

The HBC ministry tackles HIV from two directions:

  • First, with prevention – supporting HIV testing initiatives, community outreach events, and formal education, and
  • Secondly, through palliative care for those who are already HIV-positive – supporting drug adherence, nutrition, hospital transportation, and record keeping. We train our caregivers in palliative care techniques, psychosocial counseling, and faith-based, end of life support. 

What makes HBC unique?

As the only HBC organization in the region, we feel privileged to be doing such important work, reducing the number of new infections, combating stigma, and opening up access to life-giving services.

Join the fight against HIV.

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Community Water Access

Water is life! And shortage of good-quality water is a devastation to a community. Many villages in rural Zambia (Fimpulu among them) have suffered greatly for lack of clean, abundant water. Diarrhea-related deaths, food shortages during the dry season, and girls' truancy from school (due to the time-consuming work of hauling water) are some of the main negative impacts of this water crisis.

What is Choshen doing?

In our immediate community of Fimpulu Center, we have been fortunate to pilot a community water system that includes a bore-hold and solar pump system, which fills two large tanks and sends water through a piped system directly to houses throughout the village. The impact has been tremendous in terms of improved health and time saved each day!

How can we support you?

While construction of this water system was a single event, we continue to work with the community on the relevant topics of water conservation, storage, system maintenance, and hygiene and sanitation.

This life-giving program was made possible through the generous support of a single donor who saw a need and chose to meet it in full. We are so grateful! However, there are many, many communities in the greater Fimpulu area who are still collecting water from shallow sink holes, puddles, and other sub-par sources. 

Give the gift of water to a community.