We are passionate about seeing local children thrive.

Choshen Farm runs a variety of outreach programs for local area youth. Most of these initiatives are distinct from our education programs and focus on tapping into available hours after school and connecting with kids more relationally.

Youth ministry

Choshen runs a daily outreach program for area youth. Split into two age groups, preschool through 5th grade students are welcomed at “Kids Club!” a lively afternoon program focusing on games, Bible stories, character development, and tutoring in basic school subjects.

For the older students (6th through 9th grade), we provide a full afternoon of free tutoring to supplement and beef up their government school education. The tutoring center also assists us with vetting the many students who eventually enter into our student sponsorship program.

Fimpulu Christian Preschool

The vision of Fimpulu Christian Preschool (FCP) is to maximize the God given potential of every child by providing excellent early childhood education, and to introduce children to their creator at an early age. The school consists of three classrooms, two playgrounds, six teachers and an average of 150 students.

To learn more about FCP, please visit our Education page!

Give light and life to the kids of Fimpulu.