We do things a little differently.

Opposite to the typical NGO approach, Choshen Farm works with the community, not for the community. Involving our neighbors in every level of Choshen’s functioning empowers the local population to imagine, design, and manage their own programs.

Choshen Farm also aims to make all facets of its work as sustainable as possible. This is why we equip local leadership to take charge, ensuring that this work will continue regardless of Choshen Farm’s presence or outside influence, and affording the community a stronger sense of self-determination, independence, and ingenuity. 

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Living in an agricultural society, the farm has always been a pivotal part of our work here. Agriculture is the gateway to tackling serious issues of economics, health, food security, health, the environment and household wellbeing.

As a fully functioning farm, Choshen both models and trains others in conservation farming and animal husbandry, while also directly supporting our anti-AIDS initiative, Home Based Care (HBC).

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HIV/AIDS, water contamination, and lack of adequate nutrition run rampant in sub-Saharan Africa. This is why, in 2009, we launched our Home Based Care (HBC) initiative, which reaches hundreds of people in our area who are affected by HIV/AIDS. 

We have also been fortunate to pilot a community water system that includes a bore-hold and solar pump system and fills two large, gravity-fed tanks through a piped system that leads directly to houses throughout the village. The impact has been tremendous!


In response to our mission statement’s directive of “building the local church,” Choshen Farm works through the Mansa Pastor’s Fellowship (an inter-denominational body of over 50 pastors) to encourage the body of Christ and equip pastors across the region.

We also invest more personally in church strengthening by staying fully-active members of our local church, facilitating Bible study programs for church members, and conducting leadership training programs for church leaders here in Fimpulu. 


From the beginning, education has been a focal point of Choshen Farm's ministry. Despite significant challenges, the children of Fimpulu are eager to learn, which is why we care so deeply about our Scholarship Program.

Our Scholarship Program provides crucial financial assistance to some of the most needy and vulnerable students in our area. We especially focus on alleviating the financial burden of secondary school.



Choshen Farm runs a variety of outreach programs for local area youth that are separate but complimentary to our education programs.

Out of our Learning Resource Center, we run not only a highly-acclaimed preschool, but also tutoring programs, outreach events, and “Kids Club!” – a lively afternoon program focusing on games, Bible stories, character development, and some basic school help.


The biblical mandate to care for orphans and widows amongst us is unmistakable. Our support is not one-size-fits-all, but rather based on relationship and communication with local families, helping us meet the most pressing needs in our community.

Most often, our support involves provision of clothing, food, school fees, bedding, and other basics, depending on the situation. Some children receive support from us only for a time (often until the mother remarries) or long-term as needed.



Living and working in a rural, third-world country, the task of economic development is both complex and pressing. At Choshen Farm, we tackle economic development on a household level by looking at three things: job creation, micro-finance, and local banking.