At Choshen Farm, we firmly believe that every child deserves access to a quality education.

We join with a global community of educators and developers who agree and appreciate that education is the single most powerful force in poverty alleviation, behavior change and world-view formation. At Fimpulu Christian School, we take these same convictions and put them to work.


Fimpulu Christian School provides quality education with an emphasis on English immersion and strong mathematical foundation, drawing out each child’s God-given potential and setting the stage for a bright academic future.

We proudly boast a team of caring and dedicated teachers, all of whom have deep connections to the Fimpulu community. We work not only with children, but also with families and the community at large to ensure that home and village life serve as an extension of the school’s positive and productive atmosphere.

In order to make the school an ongoing success, we continue to rely on sponsorship for each of our students. For only $25 a month, sponsors ensure that children in Fimpulu can continue to grow and learn in an exceptional environment. Sponsors receive a note from their child each term and are able to track their process and celebrate their growth and success.

FCS 2nd grader, Martha, with her sponsor, Cherrie from Spokane, WA

FCS 2nd grader, Martha, with her sponsor, Cherrie from Spokane, WA

Your kids are back to school… helps ours get there too!

kiddos before class

kiddos before class

To help you know who needs sponsoring, we’ve put together a “connection gallery” – a photo listing of the students currently awaiting sponsorship at Fimpulu Christian.

For the next few weeks on social media, we’ll be highlighting each one of these students to remind you of the need that still exists.

Would you consider sponsoring a child - or two - or a sibling set?

3 brothers.jpg

Maybe you are already sponsoring one of Fimpulu Christian’s kiddos, or maybe $25 a month is outside of your budget right now. You can still help! Would you share this link with your church? Or maybe with your colleagues? Or maybe with the family/young professional/little old lady down the street? Will you tell someone that they have an incredible opportunity to meet a real need and make a real difference?

And now that you know their names and faces, will you pray for each of these precious kids that God would bring the right sponsor into their life?

Many hands make light work, and together we can move the students of Fimpulu to new heights!

To get started on your sponsorship journey today, pop over to our education page ( and fill out the form letting us know that you are interested!