It’s holiday time at Choshen Farm!

As you may know, Choshen Farm is 100% donor supported. We rely on the generosity of our partners to accomplish all of the tasks that God has given us to do. As we near the end of 2018, we are grateful for all that has happened this year – thank you for being a part of it! (If you aren’t on our update list, you can sign up here!)


We have several projects that are rolling forward right now, many of which we’d like to see finished by year-end. To help you direct your funds strategically, we’ve outlined these major projects for you.

All of our projects right now fall under one of three categories: education, food security and strengthening of local churches.


While all of our education projects have to do with the school expansion, there are five main projects that we have a goal to finish by the start of the next school year in January. 2018 fundraising so far allowed us to procure the necessary land, relocate three homes and one community building previously inside the school grounds, and purchase most of the learning materials for nursery through 2nd grade.

FCCS Map (1).jpg

two classrooms


panorama of the procured property. the green roof is the main classroom block already in use.

panorama of the procured property. the green roof is the main classroom block already in use.

We will ultimately put in seven classrooms, but have a goal to put up two as soon as possible to allow our first and second graders to have their own classrooms instead of sharing with the preschool.


ablution block


The school currently has a series of pit latrines (see the brick building behind where the kids are playing) and for reasons of sanitation, we are upgrading to flush toilets. With schools being closed by cholera around the country, its important to help our kids be clean and safe.


special ed. room


With a growing population of students with special needs and learning disabilities, we’ve realized our need to have a separate space for students to receive personalized attention. The Special Ed. room is currently at wall height awaiting a roof and materials.


teachers’ office


With our teaching staff growing by 50% in 2019, we need a place for teachers to plan and store their supplies. The teachers are currently meeting in a narrow passageway and we are anxious to give them something more functional and inspirational.




Perhaps one of the most exciting additions to the school, the cafeteria crosses over into the food security realm by allowing us to provide breakfast and lunch to our students, giving them a nutritional boost and ensuring that vulnerable children are no longer learning on an empty stomach. The cafeteria will exist in the old grain depot after its renovation.



50 X $25/mo

Finally, we will be accepting another 50+ students into our school in January, and therefore we need sponsors! Please visit to learn more about sponsoring a child. We hope to have all of our kids sponsored before the school year starts!



livestock reserve & gardens


The management of livestock and the distribution of seeds are two important aspects to improving overall food security for individual families. The containment of goats and pigs allows families to plan food close to their homes without threat. Several hundred families are already benefiting from the reserve and seed programs. Growing our capacity in these two areas will allow us to reach more people.



fish ponds


Linking food security with education, we have installed 11 fish ponds that are just waiting to be stocked. The fish grown in these ponds will go directly to feed students in the school cafeteria.


avocado orchard


We have procured a field in the middle of the village with plans to put in an avocado orchard. The avocados will also go to feed students at the school but with abundant supply, we can also be giving this nutritious food to pregnant mothers and toddlers needing a boost of omega 3s and healthy fats.


grain depot


In order to renovate the old depot into the cafeteria, we’ve started building a new, modernized depot in a better location. This depot is important for receiving government subsidized Ag inputs and also for housing large machinery that helps growing farms cultivate their land more efficiently. This new and improved depot is currently at roof level.

IMG_3673 4.jpg

clean water


Water is essential both for drinking and for household garden irrigation. Both are intensely important for health and food security. We have thus far raised enough funds to install a piped water system for the village of Nsambo, and we are looking for year-end funds to install a system in Chabwe as well.


Our church partnerships continue to be fruitful as we come alongside what God’s servants are already doing and support them in their indigenous ministries. As a special Christmas gift, we would like to collectively bless the Mansa churches with a sum of money to be used for special outreach activities such as buying gifts for their children and ministering to needy families.


blessing God’s people

$5,000 and upwards

As you can see, there are a lot of important things happening right now, and we encourage you to be a part of it! Each building project has many smaller elements, which means that gifts of any size are useful for helping our community achieve its goals. Feel free to indicate which project you’d like to support.

Over the course of the next several days, we’ll be posting a series of videos on social media to SHOW you what these different projects look like in real life.

And finally, while our project pushes in this season largely feature the capital/physical developments of the ministry, we encourage you to remember the beneficiaries: the men, women and children whose lives will be impacted through improved education, health and knowledge of Jesus and his grace. It is for THEM - for their well-being and future and faith - that we pursue this important work.

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